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1 add nonfissionable material to (fissionable material) so as to make unsuitable for use in an atomic bomb
2 modify (as a native protein) especially by heat, acid, alkali, or ultraviolet radiation so that all of the original properties are removed or diminished
3 make (alcohol) unfit for drinking without impairing usefulness for other purposes

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  1. to take away a natural characteristic or inherent property of a thing or a person
  2. (in reference to alcohol) to add something that makes alcohol unsuitable for consumption but leaves the alcohol suitable for other purposes
    • While you cannot drink denatured alcohol, you can still use it to remove sticker glue from most surfaces.

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  • Denatured alcohol, also known as methylated spirit
  • Denaturalization, the reverse of naturalization, when a state deprives one of its citizens of his or her citizenship
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